Thai Massage in Brighton

Relaxstation offers a therapeutic Thai Massage treatment in our serene massage salon in Brighton. Our firm, clothed Thai Massage combine a variety of different techniques, including acupressure, joint mobilisation, gentle stretching, and muscle compression, to ensure a comfortable, invigorating experience for every client. Carried out by experienced Thai Massage Therapists, our Thai Massage can be tailored to help you target a specific problem area, or to allow you to enjoy the general benefits of the massage.
Our Thai Massage is designed to restore the free flow of energy throughout the body, relieving tension, pain, and stiffness, refreshing tired muscles, increasing range of motion, and relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. Every treatment is carried out in our serene massage salon and are performed with your complete comfort and enjoyment in mind.
No matter your needs, our Brighton Thai Massage is sure to have a wide range of benefits for you. Get in touch with Relaxstation on 01273 674222 or at info@relaxstation.co.uk to find out more about our massage therapies, or to book your next massage treatment.

What Can Thai Massage Help With?

Our Thai Massage is an excellent treatment for a wide variety of ailments, their dynamic and rigorous movements allowing for greater joint manipulation and stretching. Read more about the core benefits our Thai Massage can have, or get in touch with Relaxstation today to book your treatment.

Spasms and Muscle Tension

Thai Massage can target specific problem areas with firm, direct pressure, manipulating and lengthening muscles to relieve built-up muscular tension. This treatment can also target and relieve trapped nerves, alleviate muscle spasms, and improve range of motion.

Joint Mobilisation

This massage treatment can increase joint mobility and range of motion, especially after several treatments. The unique yoga style stretching and muscle manipulation involved with Thai Massage help release tension in the joints, relieving joint pain and enhancing flexibility.

Blood Circulation

By combining firm touch, muscular manipulation, and acupressure in a series of unique techniques, Thai Massage actively facilitates improved circulation throughout the body.

Sciatica, Headaches, and Neck Pain
Thai Massage can help release built-up muscle tension and nerve irritation associated with sciatica, headaches, neck pain, and other pains. The combination of several unique techniques allows Thai Massage to target the underlying causes of symptoms, and to alleviate these symptoms in a natural, effective way.
Stress Management

Research shows that Thai Massage can be a fantastic way to reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing. The release of muscle tension, combined with the benefits of acupressure, can help release nerve tension, as well as emotional tension held in the body.

Treatment Costs

Our Thai Massage is available at affordable prices and in both single and couples treatments. We offer our treatments in a variety of different durations to suit you.

Single Treatments

Couples Treatments

  • 60 mins - £55
  • 75 mins - £68
  • 90 mins - £82
  • 120 mins - £105
  • 60 mins - £110
  • 75 mins - £136
  • 90 mins - £164
  • 120 mins - £210