About Relaxstation

When stress builds up in the body it reduces your vital mineral levels which causes fatigue, disrupted sleep cycles and mental instability. Committed to your well-being, our team of expertly trained therapists and holistic practitioners are well equiped to help you de-stress as they gently knead tired muscles, blend away muscular knots and stimmulate the circulation to restore energy and enable your body to self repair.

Our range of the best massage and facial treatments will restore your body to balance, allowing you to leave relaxed but rejuvenated and ready to meet life's challenges once again with renewed vigour. Situated just outside Brighton Railway Station on Trafalgar Street, Relaxstation is the perfect refuge for tired aching limbs, a more serious muscle strain or if you just fancy a bit of apres-shop pampering! - You'll be met with a warm welcome by our friendly staff.

Relaxstation may be a new salon, but we have been in the business a few years now and most of the girls have been with us for quite a while. We are very proud to say that we have some of the best Thai masseuses in the whole of Sussex! We already have hundreds of very happy and in some cases, regular customers. If you've enjoyed a treatment with us, why not let everyone know and leave a review here, Start by clicking one of the icons at the foot of the page.